DATE: 7/26/19
LOCATION: 212 Raritan Avenue @ the Highland Park Farmer’s Market
TIME: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

The contest is free to enter.

Amateur salsa makers are invited to the Highland Park Farmers Market to compete by bringing their best salsa. You are required to share your recipe. The winning recipe will be shared with the public. Salsa without recipes will not be accepted. You may bring your recipe in hard copy, instead of submitting it digitally. We also require this for people’s safety, so that we can warn them if (for instance) a salsa contains nuts, gluten, dairy, etc.

Your salsa MUST be made with a tomato. This is our Tomato Day, non-tomato salsas won’t cut it. Meat in salsa will also not be accepted. Entries must be brought to the market by 4:45.

Until 4:45: We accept salsa.
5 - 6: General Public judges salsa.
6 PM: Prize is given out.
6 - 6:30: Pick up jars.

The general public will judge your salsas. Do understand that they are eating them at their own risk. Prepare these in a sanitary location and manner. Bring your salsa in a closed jar or seal-able container. That container should be 24 fl oz (a normal pasta sauce jar or 700 mL) to 32 fl oz (also equals 1 quart or 950 mL) large. We’re not going to be harsh about the size, but you want to make sure the general public has enough to judge you fairly.

If you’re using a jar or container that you will want back, use a sticker (or masking tape) listing your name and phone number ON THE BOTTOM of the container. All containers will be available for pick-up at the end of the market (6 PM - 6:30 PM).

The prize will be a Farmers Market Tote filled with an item from each vendor. Typically, it amounts to at least $200 of items (retail value).

It is recommended you label your salsa with the name of your salsa and whether it is ‘Mild’, ‘Hot’, or ‘Sweet’ so the people judging know what to expect.

Email or call 732-828-8444 for any questions (leave a message if sent to voicemail, email is best).

This will be shortened if it's too long.
Required, but you may bring in your recipe the day of. You can submit the application without this answered.