Highland Park Shopping Rewards Card Discount Promotions

Thanks for Supporting Highland Park!

Highland Park has given the word "savings" a whole new meaning. The Borough of Highland Park and Main Street Highland Park have initiated a financial-incentive program for residents and visitors who shop in Highland Park.

The Shop Highland Park Reward Program is a special financial-incentive program that allows Highland Park residents and visitors to shop at many of our downtown businesses using a reward card, and receive a percentage of their purchase amount back as a property tax credit or rebate check. This means the more you shop in town, the bigger the financial reward.

Participating businesses determine the incentive reward offered to its customers, which will be processed at the point of sale. Each business has a window cling clearly displayed, and a list of participating merchants is available at www.propertytaxcard.com.

Homeowners in Highland Park may receive their reward either through a property tax credit or rebate check. Renters and nonresidents who use the card will receive their savings in the form of a rebate check. The amount of reward per purchase is accumulated in an escrow account until the end of the shopping year (May 1 through April 30). The tax credit option will be credited to the third quarter tax period.

"We are very excited to bring this program to Highland Park," said Mayor Gary Minkoff. "This is a great way for our residents and visitors to save money while enjoying our wonderful downtown. Highland Park has so many unique and culturally diverse shops, and we welcome shoppers to our community."

This program benefits both shoppers, who will save every time they shop in one of the participating stores, as well as the numerous downtown businesses in Highland Park, as more people choose to shop locally. Rewards card are being mailed to all Highland Park residents, or are available at the Main Street offices at 212 Raritan Avenue.

For more information about the program, please contact Main Street at rebecca@mainstreethp.org or 732-828-8444, or FinCredit Inc. (program administrator) at 732-946-0919.

Cyber Knight Computers
433 Raritan Ave., 732-227-0922
OFFER: 10.00%

Greentopia Health Food Center
401 Raritan Ave., 732-640-2009
OFFER: 10%

Over the Moon Toys
440 Raritan Ave., 732-545-0096
OFFER: 7.5%

Through the Moongate
440 Raritan Ave., 732-729-9344
OFFER: 7.50%

Pino\'s Fruit Basket Shoppe & Wine Cellar
13 No. 4th Ave., 732-247-5421
OFFER: 7.50%

B-B-Big Food Mart
14 So. 2nd Ave., 732-545-5808
OFFER: 5.10%

Jerusalem Pizza
231 Raritan Ave., 732-828-9687
OFFER: 5.00%

Papa John\'s Pizza
65 Raritan Ave., 732-249-2299
OFFER: 7.50%

Salon Envy
242 Raritan Ave., 732-247-2366
OFFER: 15.00%

The Italian Bistro
441 Raritan Ave., 732-640-1959
OFFER: 11.25%

409 Raritan Avenue, 732.317.8931
OFFER: 3.75%

Old Queens Coffee Company
13 South Third Avenue, 732.510.1572
OFFER: 15% Off all Muffins (Monday-Friday) or 10% Off Large Coffees

Linx8 Computer & IT Services
413 Raritan Avenue Highland Park, NJ 08904 (Across from the Highland Park U.S. Post Office), 732.651.9990
OFFER: 7.50%

True North Martial Arts
320 Raritan Avenue, (732) 317-3025
OFFER: 7.50% for enrollments of three months or longer.

Schwartz and Nagle Tires and Auto Repair
900 Raritan Ave., 732-572-2060
OFFER: 15.00%

Unite Pharmacy
75 Raritan Avenue, (848)-209-9007
OFFER: 7.50%